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We are glad to see you here, on web-site of our cattery!


  Cattery “Severnaia Zvezda” is located in St.-Petersburg, on Neva’s banks, on the North-West of Russia. Our cattery has started in 2000 and specializes on breeding Russian Blues and Nebelungs.

   The main purpose of our cattery is to breed beautiful and healthy cats according to the breeding standards, creating new lines and families. We also try to improve and enrich gene pool of Russian population of Russian Blues and Nebelungs, to make this breeds more popular.

   Reaching our targets within the limits of one nursery is impossible, therefore we closely cooperate with other catteries in our country and abroad.

   The organizers of the Cattery are:

   Bogacheva Tatyana - veterinary, geneticist-biologist

   Khrganovskaya Elena – psychologist, biologist

   We love our animals and communication with them gives us real pleasure!

   The initial name of cattery was «Golubaya Zvezda» in honor of the very first cat of cattery. This cat now is "queen" of her cat's kingdom.

   The modern name of cattery is «Severnaia Zvezda». Under this name it was registered in WCF on June, 14th, 2007 under № 070127.78.

   Russian blue cats differ from other animals by extraordinary beauty and grace, special temper, so each of them is a worthy to be called as the Star, but not simply Star – Northern Star (Severnaia Zvezda). Our cattery is in the north of the country and according to a legend Russian blue cats came from the north of Russia and at the beginning of its origin their name referred to Arkhangelsk.

   Some words about our cats.

   Veronica Golubaya Zvezda (Klio) –  Nebelung, has a magnificent, long, light, silvery wool with very thick undercoat which does not fall down. Tips of her hair are almost without colour (they have a hardly markable blue shade), and because of thickness of a wool in the sunlight it seems like there is a cloudy aura or foggy cloud around the body of the cat. Because of this long-haired Russian Blues received such unusual name as Nebelungs – residents of a fog.

   Ladoga’s Ruslan Arkhipovich – Russian Blue cat, the owner of the cat's kingdom. Has arrived to us from Holland (cattery Ladoga). The magnificent cat, with excellent pedigree qualities, has the bright green eyes, well-shaped head, very short thick hair, a long brawny body on high legs, quiet balanced temper, with cats is pleasant and patient - «the gentleman in the cat's fur coat».

  Zvizda’s Alen’ka Svet Amsterdama (Risia) - has arrived to us in June, 2008 from Holland cattery Zvizda’s. She is charming, very tender and playful cat. She has very short thick light silvery fur and bright green eyes. Having steady character, cat has easily made friends with inhabitants of our cattery.

  Ladoga’s Ricco Alisosvet – he is nebelung, arrived from Holland (cattery Ladoga).
He is a very soft, balanced and beautiful animal with incredible green eyes. His pedigree is connected to the American lines.


  Tinuviel Severnaia Zvezda - is a Russian Blue cat. She was born in April 2010. She is very sociable and affectionate girl. Her fur is very short, its color is light blue with large amount of silver. She has got graceful physique.

 Suzanna Mon Blue- is a Russian Blue cat from the Dutch cattery "Ladoga". She is very kind and affectionate animal, has a beautiful silky hair and amazingly emerald eyes.

   Photos of our animals can be seen in section PHOTO GALLERY. At this section is also possible to see photos of our kittens and cats who have left our cattery.

   Photos of  the cats of cattery «Severnaia Zvezda » and their close relatives are presented.

   In section NEWS we will put news and events which happen in our nursery, and also in all cat world.

   On the site of cattery there is a section GUEST BOOK where with pleasure we will exchange opinions, wishes, answer all questions about cats. We can tell about breeds Russian Blue and Nebelung, help to get a kitten, give consultation on bringing up kittens, feeding, answer questions concerning with selection of breeders, treatment of animals, etc.

   We can also answer all this questions by phone and e-mail. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are presented in section CONTACTS.

   Dear visitors of a site of cattery «Severnaia Zvezda », dear friends! We are always glad to communicate with you and we wait for responses from you.



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